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Arranging Tangerines presented by Lydian Stater

Jan 31, 2022

Corinne Jones discusses her NFT artwork “Montage for the Analog Sunset” in our recent exhibition “The Fall The Show,” using environmental markers in the video editing process, how a failure of documentation can turn into an artwork, what the definition of surveillance might be, and the amorphous and ephemeral nature of blockchain-based art. Corinne Jones lives and works in New York City. The Long Delayed Echo, 2011 - present, is the umbrella title for her interrelated series of work that includes paintings, interventions, video and writing. Her most recent work, Counterpart Sevens, 2017, are seven-sided diptychs comprised of subtle equiluminant color installed crosswise from each other. Corinne Jones has exhibited solo shows in New York City, NY and Memphis, TN and has participated in various group shows including galleries and museums in Miami, FL, London, UK, and Warsaw, Poland. She earned a BFA from School of Visual Arts in 1996 and an MFA from Columbia University in 2007. Jones has taught at Columbia University and is currently teaching at The Cooper Union.  

The Fall The Show Exhibition at Lydian Stater

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism