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Arranging Tangerines presented by Lydian Stater

May 4, 2022

In our first episode with Selina Trepp, we talk about her current show “Virtual Exhibition (IRL)” at Lydian Stater, using NFTs as a tool for accessibility, the microcosmic qualities of an art studio, the relational aspects of an economic exchange and the philosophy of actions and reactions. 

Selina Trepp (Swiss/American b.1973) is an artist researching economy and improvisation. Finding a balance between the intuitive and conceptual is a goal, living a life of adventure is a way, embarrassment is often the result. She works across media, combining performance, installation, painting, and sculpture to create intricate setups that result in photos, drawings and animations.

In addition to the studio-based work, Selina is active in the experimental music scene. In this context she sings and plays the videolah, her midi controlled video synthesizer, to create projected animations in real-time as visual music. She performs with a varying cast of collaborators and as one half of Spectralina, her long running audiovisual collaboration with Dan Bitney. 

Selina Trepp: Virtual Exhibition (IRL) 

“Pay What You Can” NFT Series